By Your Side for a Healthier You After a Divorce

Divorce is a scary prospect for some, if not most people. It can be liberating, however, at the same time, being part of a team (real or imagined) is comfortable and becomes all too familiar. Being alone takes a different turn that we need to get used to. At least for a while until the next guy comes along – if we want him to. In the meantime, it’s best to get to know ourselves, our true desires. During this transition, we are invited to weddings, holiday parties, etc. and we may need to attend them alone. We may want to dine out and our friends aren’t available or we just feel like getting out by ourselves. When we are ready to date we wonder how we will meet our man: introductions from our friends, going to Home Depot, bars, restaurants or online dating? The world is out there waiting for us to join in.

This time we want to learn more about ourselves and what we were missing and what we need in a relationship. Life is about learning. Through this arduous process we can become wiser, stronger and healthier women. It’s up to us, it’s up to our attitude and motivation to improve our one and only life.

That’s where I come in!

The Divorced Woman’s Diet: it’s YOUR turn does that with you. I’ve been there and done that – and am still doing it! In it, I share scenarios that you may experience as a newly single person and how FUN & EXCITING it can actually be! I also share how to become stronger both mentally and physically. Besides walking along side of you as you go through your transition from married to single or from relationship to being single, I will advise you on healthier eating to help you in your metamorphosis, also known as the DIVORCE-MAKEOVER. If you learn and play by My Rules you will become a healthier person for life.

Have fun!

Marci, the Food Majesty