My Story

marci-pictureHi. My name is Marci Page Sloane and I came into this world in 1962 at Long Island Jewish Hospital. I grew up in Queens, New York and lived in Manhattan for a short-time until I moved to South Florida in 1996. The circumstances for moving “down here” were less than desirable, however, I have been extremely fortunate to find a career that is so rewarding. Having a positive impact on people’s lives has been priceless. I meet strangers and reach out to them. I listen and learn about who they are and how they live their lives. I hear about their families, their careers, their accomplishments, their failures and their health. I examine the information they share with me so I can lead them to successful outcomes, ones they can reach, in a way they can reach them. I treat each person the way they should be treated, as an individual. I look beyond what they eat to who they are. From this bond we form, these former strangers can begin to listen and hear my lesson. As a result they become motivated to reach their goals. Since 1996 I have been a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and also a Certified Diabetes Educator. My initial career started out in media production. I worked at various places in New York City for about eight years. At 34 years old I decided to return to school for nutrition. Upon graduation from Teachers College at Columbia University, I found my first job at a local hospital in their Diabetes Education Center. Although I specialize in diabetes education, I counsel individuals and groups on healthy eating for various nutrition-related conditions and/or diseases. My expertise ranges from weight loss or weight gain to lowering cholesterol and/or triglycerides, reducing high blood pressure, managing pre-diabetes, diabetes or hypoglycemia, controlling digestive issues or just learning how to eat balanced and healthfully. Sharing my knowledge about healthy eating in an upbeat, fun and passionate way is what I do best. Reaching out to my patients, being a positive part of their lives, and watching them glow in self-satisfaction is the most gratifying experience.