I offer local counseling for nutrition and/or diabetes education in the West Palm Beach area as well as Telehealth and phone consultations.

I understand that eating to maintain good health can be challenging at times. I must add that as human beings we get stressed, we tend to rush through our days and we become distracted by life. Our health and making time for improved food choices seems to take a backseat. is about learning how to accomplish your goal of healthy living. The difference in my teaching is that I keep you informed and amused. After all, check out Food Majesty’s (my) crown! Yes, I do take your health and my own very seriously, however, I still find the delivery of my message is nearly as important as the actual message.

Whether you are trying to eat healthier, lose weight, manage digestive issues, lower cholesterol or triglycerides, reduce high blood pressure or manage your diabetes the bottom line is that it is imperative to THINK before you CHOOSE what to EAT. We think about many things we want to accomplish all throughout the day so why should that thought process STOP with food? Stop and think for a minute. Breathe in all of this valuable information I am sharing with you. All of our accomplishments have started with thought. Being successful in our careers, education and all relationships require desire, dedication and passion. Successful health has the same requirement. We just need to work at it a bit.

That’s where I come in. I provide individual nutritional counseling (Insurances accepted: Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare, and Cigna or a reasonable fee is offered) for local residents, tele-health, or phone consultations for others. Whether you are reading Food Majesty’s Messages, my monthly Hot Topics, my books: Reality Diabetes type 2, Divorced Woman’s Diet or The Diet Game: Playing for Life! or learning with me through individual counseling, your education will be informative and exciting. It is one you will appreciate, hear, enjoy, embrace and never forget.

But first….

STOP and take a breath

THINK about what it is you really want

CHOOSE the foods that will get you there

EAT and enjoy

Finally, luxuriate in your success and good health!

~ Marci

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