Food Majesty Messages – No. 24

Hypoglycemia to your body is like your car running out of gasoline. Glucose is the source of energy that your body requires to stay alive. If your blood sugar dips to an abnormally low level (under 70 for most people) then your body fears for its life. It senses that it’s running out of energy. In the majority of cases your body will alert you with huge warning signals (just like the car that is close to running on empty might display a well-lit gas tank on the dashboard): shaky, sweaty, dizzy, irritable, fast heartbeat, hungry, tingling feelings, headaches, foggy thinking and/or blurry vision so you act QUICKLY. Besides, your body tries to save itself and will secrete counter-regulatory hormones (the hormones that act opposite to insulin) to raise your blood sugar. These counter-regulatory hormones like cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline), growth hormone, etc., make you shake, sweat, get irritable as well as the above mentioned symptoms in an attempt to force your liver to relieve itself of some of the stored sugar into your bloodstream so you can LIVE!