Fall in Love with Fiber


Fiber: All fiber contains both soluble and insoluble types in varying amounts.

Water-soluble fiber:

Forms a gel when it mixes with fluids and moves very slowly through your digestive system. This slow action is great for controlling the appetite, since it forms bulk in the stomach, making one feel full more quickly. It is found in abundance in oats, legumes, barley and fruits. It is good for lowering cholesterol and for slowing down the rise in blood sugar in people with diabetes.

Water-insoluble fiber:

Does not dissolve but holds onto fluid so it moves more quickly through the digestive system. It is found mainly in bran, wheat and vegetables. It is good for relieving constipation and recurring diverticulosis due to its quick movement.

So how do fiber and diabetes fit together?

Eating fiber helps to:

o Decrease risk of heart disease (a common complication of diabetes)
o Carry out bad cholesterol (especially soluble fiber)
o Balance glucose levels due to its slower digestion
o Provide prolonged energy
o Reduce inflammation – a contributor to many diseases/conditions
o Reduce appetite and encourage weight loss
o Promote regularity and cleanses your system

About Author: Marci Sloane
Marci Sloane is a registered and licensed dietitian and certified diabetes educator. She is the Food Majesty and author of several books.

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