Sugar is Our Energy

Column AColumn B
Carbs digest quicklyProtein/fat digest slowly
They spike and drop blood sugarThey help to balance glucose
(and therefore energy level)when added to carbohydrates
They BLAST sugar into the bloodstreamThey TRICKLE sugar into bloodstream
Providing a quick but short-lasting energyProviding a prolonged energy
They make us hungry!They satisfy our appetite!
High fiber (legumes/grains/sweetAdd protein/fat to your carbs at
Potatoes, winter squash) may slowmeals and/or snacks to help 
Digestion and help to level out glucosebalance blood sugar and energy levels
Be moderate with the amount of carbs
You eat at one time.  
30-60 grams of carbs per meal
15 grams of carbs per snack
Moderate carbs: starch, fruit, milk/yogurt, sweets
Eat high fiber when possible (brown rice, dark bread, grains)
Add protein and / or fat to balance sugar
Emphasize non-starchy vegetables