Diverticulosis is a very common condition of the intestine. About half of all Americans aged 60-80 and almost everyone over age 80 has it. When you have diverticulosis, small pouches called diverticula in your colon bulge out. This is mostly due to the American diet of refined carbohydrates and very little fiber and water that results in frequent constipation. From years of constipation and straining during bowel movements a person may develop these pouches that protrude from the intestine wall. When the pouches become infected or inflamed the disease progresses to a more serious form of diverticulitis.

You must avoid foods that may get stuck in the pouches like seeds, nuts and skins of some fruits and vegetables. Any food that you feel discomfort from eating should be avoided. Although the latest research states that no foods need to be avoided, if you feel pain in your digestive tract after eating certain foods it would be best to avoid them in the future.

The best treatment for diverticulosis is to consume insoluble fiber foods. Foods with whole wheat and bran are best since they move quickly through your intestine and won’t have time to get stuck in the pouches. Be sure to drink plenty of water so the fiber can move through your digestive tract. The insoluble fiber also will help you to avoid recurring constipation.

Latest literature doesn’t suggest omitting any foods with fiber (like skins, nuts and seeds), however, listen to your body. If you feel discomfort after any food please do not continue eating it. Listen to your doctor.