Excerpts from the Divorced Woman’s Diet: It’s YOUR Turn

To my divorced girlfriends,

This is reality. You are now a divorced woman. According to Webster’s dictionary, the ties that bind you have been separated and severed. Like the parting of the Red Sea, pigtails, a wishbone, the egg whites from the yolk, your bank account and your heart. Whether you were the dumper or the dumpee your life has been changed dramatically.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent the majority of my life in a family of lasting marriages. On my wedding day I vowed to devote myself to my husband until the day I died. Well, I’m still alive and yet I am here alone. Not lonely, but by myself.

In a world full of two-for-one specials, loveseats and the tango, there’s me, you and nearly half of all previously married women who now have a shot at a happier future – or at least the hope of one.

My name is Marci Page Garfinkel. On August 21, 1993, my status of “Miss” became “Mrs.” and for the next 12 years the Garfinkel was dropped and the Sloane emerged. I wanted this lifestyle change to be permanent but instead, like a diet, it was a short-lived and temporary state of mind.

I have become a statistic. While frolicking through this forever changing and wondrous journey a woman looks to the colorful road ahead. Some find comfort in their work, family, friends and new loves and others turn to food. After stepping through the initial stages of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ grieving process; denial, anger and depression, I have added some steps of my own like, “running” to the refrigerator and “clamoring” for chips, to help me get through this tremendous life altering event. Before too much damage was done, I was able to reach the final stages of bargaining and acceptance; acceptance and readiness for new and exciting changes to come.

When you’re crying over a Lifetime “television for women” marathon, comparing notes on the latest vibrator, overanalyzing your life with friends or waiting for the food delivery to arrive, fear of the unknown can actually take a backseat. We need to rely on ourselves, not men or food, for our comfort and happiness – and this book will show you how.

I profess to all happily unmarried women who are looking for a commitment: Look no more! Don’t hide behind food! Commit to the Divorced Woman’s Diet – say “I Do”: I do want to be fit & fabulous and I want it now!

~ Marci

You can purchase the full eBook here – Divorced Woman’s Diet