Mr. Workaholic


“In your eyes I saw a future together but you just look away in the distance”.
~ Tori Amos

The story:

Wendy has a successful career as a nutrition counselor and keeps busy with her many hobbies like writing, playing music and reading. Jared is a divorced physician who shares custody of his four young children with his ex-wife. He has a thriving practice but works additional jobs to add to his income.

She said:

His entire existence is about work. His work, side-work and other side-work comes first, then his ex-wife’s demands, his kids, his mother and family and then me. He seemed most comfortable in his roll as a physician so that’s where he stayed most of the time. He seemed socially inept unless it pertained to his work life. The money that he spent all his time making, and not spending, didn’t leave much time for me.

He said:

I needed to work hard because I have many responsibilities. I have to pay child support for four kids, need money for their college, cars, etc. and I need money to save for my future. I had no choice but to work very hard. I gave Wendy so many things.

Life “BM” (before marriage):

Wendy practiced what she preached for the most part. She kept her weight stable and was physically fit.

Life “DM” (during marriage):

Wendy was tempted with the snacks she tried to avoid her entire life. Jared kept junk food in the house for himself and the kids and Wendy found herself eating it at least as much as he/they did. She tried to keep healthier snacks in the house, however, she was the only one eating them.

Life “AM” (after marriage):

Wendy is more easily staying fit and trim since she is away from the temptation and doesn’t feel so insignificant.