Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Who Are YOU?

mirror mirror on the wall

Psychoanalyze yourself, not him!

Before you begin to keep records, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What image do you see when you look in the mirror? Describe it.

2. Are you happy with that person or would you like to change something?

3. Do you feel you have the ability to change that something?’

4. How can losing weight improve your life?

5. What do you wish to do once you reach your weight loss goal?

6. What keeps you in the β€œfrustrated zone” instead of taking that extra difficult step toward reaching your goals? You may be trying but not taking the extra step you need.

7. How does overeating make you feel? Now, later?

8. Have you had goals in the past about career, relationships, etc., that you have reached?

9. How did you accomplish them? Why did you fail or succeed?

10. What thoughts go through your mind as you are making poor choices?

11. What initially attracts you to a man?

12. Would you be turned off if he was overweight?

13. What would you say to him to convince him to lose weight, be healthier and feel better about himself?