Learning More about Playing by MY RULES


Rule #1: Think

You must always think before you eat and before you make decisions about your love life. You have choices with consequences. Decide what outcome you really want.

Rule #2: Limit or Avoid

Smooth talkers and refined carbohydrates

Rule #3: Satisfy

Your needs and appetite

Rule #4: Combine

Inner and outer healing and food groups

Rule #5: Let it be Real

Your food and your man

Rule #6: Substitute

Self-love for overindulgence and lean protein for higher fat varieties

Rule #7: Cleanse

Yourself of negativity and toxins. Place as much importance on cleansing your inner-selves than just bathing your outer-selves.

Rule #8: Budget

Your food portions and calories to have additional money for spa visits and shopping sprees

Rule #9: Have it All

Enjoy your life and your food

Rule #10: The New Mantra

Iā€™m an independent and healthy woman