Food Majesty Messages – No. 13

Donā€™t be fooled! Portions are smaller than you think most of theĀ time. One tablespoon of olive oil (or any oil) has 120 calories. SeeĀ how much you are using. You may try to be healthy but at the sameĀ time may be providing more calories than you think. Look at theĀ serving size of rice or pasta. Measure it once and eyeball it on your Ā plate so you remember for next time without having to re-measure.Ā Look at labels and their serving sizes. Some regular ice creamĀ has 200 calories or more for Ā½ cupā€”and who is eating only 1/2Ā cup? Maybe you can eat Ā½ cup of low-fat ice cream topped with aĀ sprinkle of chopped nuts?!