Sloane’s Diet Secrets to Weight Loss Success

Sloane’s Secrets for Success: Think before you eat!


So what’s the secret? Here it is: you can lose weight by sustaining your appetite with non-refined carbohydrates (high fiber, whole grains) and by combining these carbohydrates with lean protein (fish, poultry, lean meats) and/or monounsaturated fats (olive oil, nuts, avocado).


Instead of relying more heavily on protein, as most popular diets are recommending, I want you to increase monounsaturated fats. Too much protein increases the workload for your kidneys. Not only that, but the protein most people choose contains saturated fat and cholesterol; this may increase your risk of heart disease as well. Saturated fat encourages the liver to make harmful cholesterol and also clogs your arteries. Your cholesterol will be lower simply from weight loss, although your arteries will still be getting clogged. Excessive protein may also leach calcium out of your bones, and that can lead to osteoporosis. But by increasing monounsaturated fats, you will be able to sustain your appetite and lose weight more efficiently in the same way protein would allow you to without the possible dangers and as current research is finding – you will reap healthy benefits as well!