Why I Love My Career

“Marci, exercise and healthy eating has become a part of my life.  I don’t even look twice at the sweets and some of the other foods I used to crave”.  Ms. F is a lovely patient of mine who has type 2 diabetes.   When we met 5 months ago, she was sitting home most of her days, appeared very anxious and perhaps depressed and was eating foods that resulted in morbid obesity and uncontrolled diabetes.

After two months, Ms. F started eating differently and her blood glucose levels improved but she still wasn’t losing weight.  She was still anxious and sedentary.  I suggested that she start exercising at a very special place located near to her house.  This place is circuit training for people 50+ years old.  It is a small and non-intimidating fitness facility with a very knowledgeable and motivating instructor.

Ms. F started exercising over a month ago and has been going strong ever since.  She started going 3-4 times a week and now she goes daily.  She has lost some weight and many inches and is receiving compliments from friends, family and even her physician!

“My life has changed.  I don’t know what happened but since you came into my life and I started exercising and getting out of my house, my life has more meaning.  It has purpose”.  Ms. F’s hemoglobin A1c has gone down significantly.

Last time I had a session with Ms. F I realized how calm she seemed.  Her nervous energy was being used productively – during her daily exercise.  Only 30 minutes a day made all the difference in her life.  Eating more balanced meals has increased her energy by leveling out her blood sugar.  She is not craving sweets because her blood sugar is not fluctuating as it once did – 5 months ago – before we met.