Balance is the Key in type 2 Diabetes ….and Life

Yesterday’s patient just had heart surgery.  He has had type 2 diabetes for a short-time and has it under pretty decent control.  However, he has been depriving himself of many foods he enjoys, including fruits and rice and beans – foods he was brought up on.  Mr. E is trying to heal from his surgery and needs adequate nutrients more than ever.  After discussing a variety of foods he can include in his day to provide more energy and nourishment and allow for healing he seemed pleased.  By testing his blood glucose levels at certain times of the day he can find out how these foods are affecting him instead of just assuming they are hurting him and omitting them from his diet.  He was also adjusting his diabetes medication himself which makes it harder for his doctor to know what his needs truly are upon evaluation of his glucose records and his A1c (3-month blood sugar average).

At the end of the session we both left with a smile on our face.