Welcome to Food Majesty

Welcome to FoodMajesty.com.  My name is Marci Sloane and I am here to share my knowledge and experience with you about nutrition issues.  I am a registered/licensed dietitian/nutritionist and certified diabetes educator.  Since 1996 I have counseled people with diabetes and others who wish to lose weight, eat healthier, control digestive issues, inflammation, hypertension, cholesterol, triglycerides and other nutrition-related conditions or diseases.

The bottom line with any challenge is to THINK first.  What is our goal and how can we reasonably reach it.  We need to STOP and THINK about what we truly want and then CHOOSE.

Once we have the knowledge we still have to follow through.  That’s the challenge.  It may be difficult to lose weight, however, maintaining that weight loss is even more difficult.

All of my books are nutrition-based.  The Diet Game: Playing for Life! offers information on healthy eating while Reality Diabetes ~type 2 focuses on diabetes control.  Check out Marci’s Messages and nutrition Hot Topics as well as my new ebook, The Divorced Woman’s Diet (guess what that’s about!?!)

Throughout my blog I will share stories with you about my patients and tips I use to help them succeed.  A patient I am currently counseling has type 2 diabetes.  I have seen him a handful of times over a few months and since day one he has lost about 20 pounds.  The best news is that his doctor was able to lower the amount of insulin he takes.  His goals were to lose about 25 or more pounds, control his blood sugar levels, reduce insulin and increase his activity.  He plays golf 3 times each week but had agreed to walk the other 4 days.  He has not been walking so we discussed a specific time of day when the weather was more conducive to walking – and when he could actually enjoy his walk.  Finding a buddy to walk with or listening to music or even an audio book was also considered.  Of course, knowing our visit is next week keeps him on his toes!  He is doing so well there’s no stopping him now!

See you next blog…